The recipe of the week


Typical Umbrian specialty 

1 glass of Castelluccio lentils
1 glass of Roveja
1 glass of grass pea
1 glass of lake bean
2 glasses of tomato puree
Vegetable broth
Celery, carrot, onion
Salt, pepper, EVO oil
Soak the legumes in separate bowls according to their size (they will therefore have the same cooking times) except for the lentils for at least 4 hours.
After this time, drain the vegetables and rinse them under running water.
Wash and cut into small pieces celery, carrot and onion.
In a saucepan with a thick bottom put a little oil and let go of the sauté, add the larger legumes (cicerchie) and cover with the broth.
When the broth has dried, add the smaller legumes and always cover with the stock until the vegetables are completed. When adding the last legume, the lentils, in addition to the broth, add the tomato puree and salt.
Cook for at least 20 minutes, check often if the legumes need more broth.
Season with salt and serve with toasted croutons, ground black pepper and a drizzle of oil.