The recipe of the month

the tipycal dish of the central Italy


150-200 grams of stale bread

1 or 2 green tomatoes

1 or 2 cucumbers

1/2 sweet red onion (ex. Of tropea)

1 small bunch of rocket (rocket or rather wild)

6-7 salad leaves (lettuce, spadona, or summer salads)

red wine


extra virgin olive oil salt

Method: soak the bread in large pieces in water and vinegar (about 5 tablespoons of vinegar in a liter of water but the amount of vinegar depends on personal taste); clean the vegetables and cut them into small pieces; when the bread no longer has hard pieces, squeeze it with your hands and crumble it in a salad bowl, put all the cut vegetables on top and season with salt and oil in abundant quantities; the panzanella must rest in the fridge only a few minutes before being tasted.